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Country of Origin:Germany
Precision since 1846

In 1846 KRUPS is created in Solingen/Germany-a town known for its superior quality metal craftsmanship.It produces high-precision scales.

Used mainly by professionals at that time,KRUPS products experience growing success,on the strength of the main ambition of Robert Krups,its founder:”My deepest desire has always been to reach the summits of technical perfection”The ethos of “KRUPS precision” is born.

Quality since 1846

During the 1950, KRUPS diversifies its production by entering the small electrical appliance market.

In 1956,in order to satisfy Germany’s growing passion for coffee,the electric coffee grinder with unique KRUPS blades and ,in 1961,the legendary T8 coffee maker were introduced.In 1959,the brand launches the famous hand mixer”3-Mix Handruhrer”.

3 success stories,which mark the beginning of the KRUPS brand in small electrical appliances ,all built on the values of Precision,Perfection and Passion.